Arrow&branch ‘right Bank Blend’ 2017


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Indulge in the Majestic Harmony of Arrow & Branch Right Bank Blend

Arrow & Branch presents a wine that is nothing short of a masterpiece—the Right Bank Blend. A tribute to finesse and craftsmanship, this exquisite blend weaves together the best of Napa Valley’s terroir with the artistry of renowned winemaker Jennifer Williams. Graced by the expert hands that oversee the vineyards of Arrow&Branch Estate and Stagecoach, this blend is an intricate painting of varietals: 68% Cabernet Franc, 27% Merlot, and a touch of 4% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Adorned with a deep purple robe, the Right Bank Blend reveals a complex, layered bouquet that murmurs tales of both red and black fruits. These primary notes are tenderly interlaced with whispers of black tea, delicate flowers, and a subtle earthiness reminiscent of underbrush. Each element converges in a medium to full-bodied richness that graces the palate with a seamless mouthfeel so divine, it’s been hailed as nearly flawless in its meld of fruit, alcohol, and tannins by wine critic Jeb Dunnuck, earning 97 points for its impeccable balance and structure.

Painstakingly destemmed and nurtured in 65% new French oak, the meticulous 22-month barrel aging process is reflected in every sip, granting an elegant and distinguished profile that reverberates with the soul of Napa Valley. With an alcohol content of 14.8%, TA of 5.9, and a pH of 3.72, this harmonious blend masters the delicate dance between potency and poise.

The beauty of the Right Bank Blend lies not only in its sensational appeal upon today’s opening but in its formidable potential for evolution. Poised to unfurl its splendor for 15-20 years, it invites you to partake in the journey, to relish the changes that each passing year will imbrue within its depths.

Harvested between the 7th of September and the 5th of October, this blend captures the essence of the sun-soaked, world-renowned Napa Valley appellation. The careful selection of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon from the bountiful harvest ensures that with every glass of Arrow & Branch’s Right Bank Blend, you’re experiencing a piece of Californian viticulture at its peak.

This is a wine for those who appreciate the quiet symphony of a perfectly crafted blend—a treasure that enhances the most refined of collections and enlivens every occasion. Embrace the Arrow & Branch Right Bank Blend, a consummate expression of elegance, complexity, and timeless enjoyment.

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