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Introducing Blindman Fresh Hop IPA, a beer that captures the essence of freshness and elevates your IPA experience to new heights. This exceptional brew is crafted using freshly picked whole cone hops, delivering a sensory explosion that will leave you craving more.

Unlike most brews that rely on hop pellets, Blindman Fresh Hop IPA embraces the unique opportunity to work with hops harvested that very same day. The result is an unparalleled burst of flavors and aromas that simply can’t be replicated. From the moment these hops are plucked from the bine to the moment they touch your lips, you’ll be captivated by the essence of freshness.

The brew day for Fresh Hop IPA is a truly special occasion at our brewery. The air is filled with the intoxicating scent of freshly picked hops as our brewers meticulously incorporate them into the beer. It’s a day that is eagerly awaited, and this year, it produced a remarkable brew that our brewers unanimously declare as our finest fresh hop beer to date.

Blindman Fresh Hop IPA showcases the exceptional quality of the freshly picked hops from our friends at Hop To It farms in Central Alberta. With every sip, your taste buds will be invigorated by the bright, citrusy flavors and the vibrant aroma that can only come from using hops at the peak of their freshness.

At an approachable 5% ABV, Blindman Fresh Hop IPA is one of our most sessionable IPAs yet. It’s perfect for hop heads who want to enjoy multiple pints without compromising on flavor. The balance of hop intensity and drinkability makes this beer a standout in the IPA category.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of fresh hops and the artistry of Blindman Fresh Hop IPA. Taste the difference that freshly picked, whole cone hops can make in a beer. Experience the explosion of flavors, the captivating aroma, and the undeniable freshness that sets this brew apart.

Indulge in Blindman Fresh Hop IPA and enjoy a sensory journey like no other. Cheers to the beauty of nature, to the artistry of brewing, and to the irresistible allure of Blindman Fresh Hop IPA.

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