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Step into the world of Blindman Lager Mixer, where tradition meets innovation and craftmanship reigns supreme. This extraordinary mixed pack celebrates the art of lager brewing, offering four uniquely delicious beers that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

At the heart of this exceptional collection is our exclusive foeder – a large wooden vessel that pays homage to the ancient process of fermenting and conditioning beer. It is within this foeder that our talented brew team has crafted a range of classic and international styles of lagers, each with its own distinctive character and flavor profile.

Experience the rich and satisfying depth of our Amber Lager, boasting a 5% ABV. This brew offers a perfect balance of malt sweetness and a gentle hop bitterness, creating a smooth and satisfying lager that is both approachable and full of flavor.

Indulge in the bold and robust Maibock, packing an 8.2% ABV. This bock-style lager is a true masterpiece, offering a rich malt backbone and a subtle sweetness that is complemented by the smooth and warming alcohol presence.

Delight in the Bavarian Schwarzbier, standing at 5.2% ABV. This dark lager showcases roasted malt flavors, offering a slightly sweet and chocolaty profile that is beautifully balanced by a clean and crisp finish.

Savor the unique and complex Rye Lager, with a 4.8% ABV, that brings together the spiciness of rye malt with the clean and refreshing qualities of a lager. This brew offers a delightful interplay of flavors, making it a standout addition to this remarkable mixed pack.

Blindman Lager Mixer 4 Pack Cans is a testament to our commitment to exceptional brewing. This collection of lagers embodies the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, inviting you to explore the rich depths of flavor found within each can.

Whether you’re a devout lager enthusiast or simply seeking something new to excite your palate, Blindman Lager Mixer 4 Pack Cans is an unmissable opportunity to embark on a taste journey like no other. Elevate your beer-drinking experience with the exceptional craftsmanship and diverse flavors found within this remarkable collection.

So, raise a can, embrace the artistry of Blindman Lager Mixer, and toast to the timeless appeal of classic lagers. Cheers to exceptional brewing and the boundless possibilities that lie within each sip.

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