Bud Light Seltzer Mixer 12 Pack Cans


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Introducing Bud Light Seltzer Mixer 12 Pack Cans – the ultimate selection for those seeking a full variety of refreshing flavors. With classic favorites like mango, black cherry, strawberry, and the exciting new addition of peach, this pack ensures there’s something to please every taste bud.

Experience the full fruit taste of Bud Light Seltzer with the benefits of the Mixer 12 Pack Cans. Each can is infused with the bold and natural flavors of real fruit, creating a truly authentic and refreshing drinking experience. Savor the juicy sweetness of mango, the tangy allure of black cherry, the lusciousness of strawberry, and the delightful new addition of peach.

These cans are light and refreshingly crisp, providing you with a guilt-free beverage option. With only 80 calories and 1 g of sugar per 355 mL can, you can indulge in the delicious flavors without worrying about unnecessary calories or excessive sugar intake. Embrace a balanced and healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the delightful taste of Bud Light Seltzer Mixer.

The 12 Pack Cans take convenience to a new level, offering a variety of flavors in one pack. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, going on an outdoor adventure, or simply looking to have a refreshing drink on hand, these cans are the perfect solution. Switch between flavors to keep your palate satisfied and your taste buds energized.

Discover the benefits of Bud Light Seltzer Mixer 12 Pack Cans and elevate your drinking experience with a full array of flavors. Immerse yourself in the taste of juicy fruits, experience the light and crisp texture, and delight in the balanced sweetness. Share the pack with friends or make it your go-to choice for any occasion and enjoy the refreshing twist that Bud Light Seltzer Mixer brings to the table.

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