Château Desclans Garrus Rosé 2020 750 ml


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Introducing Château Desclans Garrus Rosé – the epitome of luxury rosé and a true masterpiece crafted by Château d’Esclans. This exclusive rosé is made from a single vineyard of nearly 100 year-old vines, fermented, and aged in new large French oak barrels, resulting in a wine that is powerful, elegant, and truly exceptional.

The aroma of Garrus is irresistible, with concentrated aromas and flavors of dried citrus, peaches, and passion fruit. Each sip offers a bright acidity and a luscious mid-palate filled with glazed pear and pineapple. What sets Garrus apart are the toasty notes reminiscent of a vintage Champagne, giving it a distinctive character without the bubbles. With a long, vertical texture and a creamy finish featuring rich, spicy notes, Garrus leaves a lasting impression that is both powerful and elegant.

The harvesting of the grapes for Château d’Esclans wines takes place at sunrise to noon in September, ensuring that only the ripest grapes are selected. The grapes are carefully handpicked and sorted, using both manual and optical eye sorting to ensure that only the finest grapes go into the vinification process. The grapes undergo a gentle crush, followed by temperature reduction to lock in freshness and vivacity. The juice is then pressed using a closed circuit (nitrogen) process to avoid oxidation and produce clean, tannin-free juice.

The Château Desclans Garrus Rosé is aged in a combination of barrels and vats, with the wine makers carefully selecting the grade of juice that will be used for barrel fermentation or stainless steel fermentation. The different grades of juice result in a pale-colored wine with a characteristic taste profile that showcases the quality of the grapes.

Throughout the entire wine-making process, rigorous testing and analysis are conducted in the wine lab to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The blending process, known as the Assemblage, is overseen by the technical team, with the final determination made by the Technical Director and Cellar Master. While each vintage may have variations in the grape varieties used, the taste profile of Château Desclans Garrus Rosé remains consistently remarkable.

Château Desclans Garrus Rosé is the most exclusive rosé in the world, an iconic luxury wine that will captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. Indulge in a truly extraordinary experience and savor every sip of this exquisite rosé.

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