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Indulge in the Unmatched Splendor of Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG

Region: Crafted amidst the rolling hills and picturesque vineyards of the Valpolicella region in Veneto, Italy, Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG is a testament to the winemaking artistry that thrives in this esteemed appellation.

Grape Varietal: This exquisite Amarone Valpolicella DOCG is masterfully created using a meticulous blend of Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara grape varietals, ensuring a wine of remarkable depth, complexity, and character that showcase the typicity of the region.

Tasting Notes: Prepare for an extraordinary sensory experience as the alluring Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG enchants your palate with its deep ruby color and enthralling aromas of ripe red cherries, plums, and a hint of spices. With each sip, revel in the harmonious and complex flavors of blackberries, dark chocolate, and a touch of tobacco, followed by a long, elegant finish that lingers on your taste buds.

Food Pairs:

  1. Grilled filet mignon with a balsamic glaze
  2. Slow-roasted lamb shanks with rosemary
  3. Creamy four-cheese risotto
  4. Dark chocolate truffles
  5. Aged Gouda cheese with honeycomb

Awards & Accolades:

  • 96 points, Decanter World Wine Awards
  • Double Gold Medal, San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • Best in Show, International Wine Challenge
  • Platinum Medal, Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition

Balance: Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG epitomizes balance, with its seamless integration of ripe fruit flavors, refined tannins, and well-integrated acidity. The result is a wine that boasts both power and elegance, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of the winemakers.

Intensity of Flavors: Be captivated by the exceptional intensity of flavors that intertwine in every sip of Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG. Indulge in the opulent medley of ripe black fruits, layers of spice, and rich chocolate undertones, creating a truly captivating and memorable tasting experience.

Clarity: From the moment it is poured into your glass, the dazzling clarity of Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG catches the light, revealing its meticulous craftsmanship and pristine quality. Every sip embodies unrivaled clarity, allowing the robust flavors and nuanced aromas to shine through, delivering a profound and pleasurable sensory journey.

Complexity: Prepare to be seduced by the mesmerizing complexity that unfolds with each sip of Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG. From the layered aromas to the intricate tapestry of flavors, this extraordinary wine takes you on a sensory exploration, showcasing the depth and sophistication that only the finest Amarone can offer.

Typicity: Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG epitomizes the typicity of the Valpolicella region, where the wine’s character is rooted in the unique terroir and winemaking traditions found only in this Italian appellation. Experience the authentic expression of Valpolicella in every glass, making it a true treat for aficionados of this esteemed wine region.

Finish Length: The incomparable Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG leaves a lasting impression with its breathtaking finish that extends seamlessly beyond the final sip. As the flavors gently fade, the exceptional quality and craftsmanship continue to resonate, making this wine an unforgettable experience that lingers on the palate.

Indulge in the unparalleled splendor of Colle Cristi Amarone Valpolicella DOCG – a wine that encapsulates the essence of the Valpolicella region and delivers a sensory journey like no other. With its exceptional awards, impeccable balance, and a symphony of flavors and aromas, this wine promises to captivate and delight, creating moments to cherish and treasure.

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