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Discover the Majestic Continuum Red – A Symphony of Perseverance and Finesse

Introducing Continuum Red, a remarkable vintage set apart by its resilience and sublime refinement. Born from the storied slopes of Sage Mountain Vineyard on Napa’s prestigious Pritchard Hill, this wine is a testament to the visionary pursuit of crafting extraordinary wines by the Mondavi legacy.

A Harmony of Elements

Each sip of Continuum Red offers a cascade of multi-layered flavors, showcasing an artful blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Cabernet Franc, 11% Merlot, and 9% Petit Verdot. This exquisite composition results in a wine gifted with lasting depth and an enticingly complex character that is both vibrant and measured.

Tasting Notes

  • Visual: Lustrous deep crimson.
  • Aroma: Begins with an enchanting bouquet of floral undertones, progressing to an opulent medley of black cherry and mixed wild berries. Undertones of chemise, sage, and bay enrich the bouquet, echoing the untamed beauty of its mountain origins.
  • Palette: A robust yet polished profile with daring flavors harmonizing to produce a dynamic and lasting finish.

Vineyard’s Gift

Sage Mountain Vineyard is not merely a location; it is the soul of Continuum Red. Perched between 1325 and 1600 feet, the vines thrive above the fog, basking in copious sunshine and benefiting from the nightly warmth rising from the valley – a unique microclimate that ensures a slow and even fruit maturation. The west and southwest-facing slopes capture not just breathtaking views but also the tempering bay breezes which refine the grape skins and elevate the wine’s structure and depth.

Terroir’s Essence

The meticulous care in the vineyard translates into the bottle. The challenging, mineral-rich volcanic soils of Sage Mountain stress the vines just enough to foster small yields of intensely flavored fruit. Each vine battles for its nourishment, a struggle that imbues the wine with its distinctive, powerful, yet graceful profile.

Sustainable Heritage

Echoing the Mondavi family’s commitment to land and legacy, the vineyard embraces organic and biodynamic practices ensuring that each vine and varietal expresses its true potential. With 71 carefully cultivated acres of a 173-acre estate, Continuum maintains a balance with the native ecosystem, supporting biodiversity that adds to the wine’s authenticity and allure.

A Wine for the Ages

This vintage not only conveys the purity and spirit of its terrain but also embodies a timeless elegance that will flourish with aging. Continuum Red is more than a wine; it is an experience, a journey through the history and heart of Napa’s lofty terroir.

Experience the pinnacle of viniculture – Continuum Red is not just a wine; it’s a legacy poured into a glass.

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