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Continuum Red: A Wine that Transcends Time

Region: Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley, California
Experience the elevated, mountain peak flavors of Continuum Red, a wine born from the rugged terrain of Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley. Its unique terroir, located between 1,300 to 1,600 feet above sea level, produces a wine with exceptional character, depth, and sophistication.

Grape Varietal: Bordeaux Blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot)
Indulge in the complex, expressive notes of Continuum Red’s Bordeaux blend, composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Merlot. Each grape variety contributes to the wine’s perfect balance, offering a rich layer of ripe fruit flavors, a silky texture, and a well-structured, velvety finish.

Tasting Notes:
Unleash your senses with the enticing aromas of dark chocolate and espresso, mixed with hints of blackberry, wild rosemary, and sandalwood. The palate bursts with a bouquet of fully ripe black cherries, with undertones of cassis, savoury dark mountain fruit, all carried on a velvety layer of black liquid whispers. The finish is a display of Continuum’s unique character and balance, as it evolves into layers of floral notes and warm spices.

Food Pairs:

  1. Grilled ribeye steak with roasted garlic and herb butter
  2. Lamb chops with rosemary and red wine reduction
  3. Mushroom and truffle risotto
  4. Roasted duck with wild cherries
  5. Dark chocolate truffles

Awards & Accolades:

  • 100 points, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate
  • Wine of the Year, Decanter Magazine
  • Best of Napa Valley, Wine Spectator
  • Platinum Award, Sommelier Challenge

Continuum Red offers perfect harmony among its flavors and structure. Its components blend together to create a wine of exquisite balance, where each sip brings a perfectly orchestrated progression of taste. The perfect balance between tannins, acidity, and fruit flavors ensures a seamless and integrated drinking experience.

Intensity of Flavors:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant, intense flavors of Continuum Red. The intensity is striking, with ripe fruit flavors that are bold and explosive. The depth of flavor has been magnified by the unique terroir, ensuring that every sip of this wine creates an indelible impression on your palate.

Experience the crystal-clear nature of Continuum Red, a result of the winery’s meticulous attention to detail from the vineyard to the bottle. The clarity of the flavors and aromas creates a wine that, upon tasting, reveals its subtleties and nuance.

Indulge in the complex and nuanced flavors of Continuum Red, revealing layers of flavor and aroma of black fruit, spices, and earthy notes. The complexity is owed to the unique terroir, which creates a wine of remarkable depth and richness.

Continuum Red exemplifies the typicity of Bordeaux blends. The wine communicates the unique characteristics of the varietals and the terroir that contribute to its distinct identity through its undercurves of black mountain fruit, blackberries, creamy espresso, and notes of sage and thyme.

Finish Length:
The finish of Continuum Red is long and luxurious, leaving behind an aftertaste of dark chocolate and black cherry. The wine lingers on the palate for an extended period, a testament to its exceptional quality.

Experience the timeless masterpiece that is Continuum Red, crafted to transcend time with its magnified depth, balance, and complexity. Enjoy the luxuriant flavors and aromas of this exceptional wine, which embodies the spirit of excellence found only in the most distinguished wines.

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