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Introducing El Esteco Don David Malbec, a wine that embodies the rich heritage and dedication of Winery El Esteco. Born in the enchanting Calchaquí Valleys, this wine is a tribute to one of the pioneers of vitiviniculture in Cafayate, paying homage to our noble roots and the trajectory of Don David.

Crafted with expertise and tradition, our El Esteco Don David Malbec is aged to perfection in a combination of American and French oak barrels for 12 months. This meticulous aging process enhances the wine’s complexity and adds a delightful touch of oak influence to its character.

With an ageing potential of 6 years, this wine is built to evolve and captivate over time. It rewards those who have the patience to experience its true potential as it develops and matures.

To fully savor the exceptional qualities of this Malbec, we recommend serving it at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C. For optimal enjoyment, uncork the bottle 15 minutes before serving to allow the wine to breathe and reveal its full range of flavors.

As you pour the wine into your glass, marvel at its vibrant and bright appearance. The black color with red notes and purple rims invites you to indulge in its allure. The pleasant color intensity reflects its youthful nature.

Take a moment to appreciate the captivating aromas that fill the air. The bouquet of this Malbec reminds you of luscious plum jam and raisins, intertwined with delightful notes of chocolate. The mild and balanced oak presence adds depth and complexity.

On the palate, this wine showcases its true elegance. The tannins are sweet and soft, creating a velvety mouthfeel. The flavors are beautifully balanced, with the oak nuances blending harmoniously with ripe fruit notes. The wine leaves a lasting impression with its long persistence and graceful finish.

The exceptional quality of El Esteco Don David Malbec has been recognized by critics and competitions alike. In 2020, it was awarded “2021’s best Malbec” by renowned wine critic Patrick Schmitt.

Indulge in the irresistible allure of El Esteco Don David Malbec and experience the passion and heritage of the Calchaquí Valleys in every sip. Allow this wine to accompany you on a journey of discovery, as it reveals its depths and complexities over time. Cheers to the art of winemaking and the timeless pleasure of enjoying a truly remarkable Malbec.

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