Hwayo 25 Premium Soju


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Hwayo 25 Premium Soju: The ideal white spirit made from 100% top quality Korean rice. It’s single vacuum-distilled at low temperatures, ensuring optimal aroma, taste, and smoothness.

**Taste Profile:** Hwayo 25 Premium Soju showcases the delicate aroma and rich flavor of Hwayo. Floral, fruity, and cereal notes are expressed in harmony with great balance and finish.

**ABV:** At 25% ABV, Hwayo 25 Premium Soju is praised by both wine drinkers and spirit drinkers. Enjoy it chilled or at room temperature. It is normally drank as a shot or on ice and is an amazing alternative to Gin and Vodka in cocktails.

**Food Pairing:** Hwayo 25   matches well with a wide range of foods, including seafood like Red fish sashimi, Lobster, and Steamed clam. Give your taste buds a thrilling ride!

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