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Experience the Legacy of Inglenook Rubicon: Where Elegance Meets History

Inglenook’s Rubicon stands as the estate’s premier red wine, a true embodiment of the vineyard’s essence and a realization of Francis Coppola’s vision to create a Bordeaux-styled grand wine. It is designed to “please contemporary taste, but with a historical aspect [that defines] our vineyards at their zenith.” This wine is not just a bottle; it’s a piece of history, a taste of the terrain, and a tribute to tradition.

The name Rubicon is inspired by a momentous event in history – the daring crossing of the Rubicon river by Julius Caesar in 49 B.C. This act, which signified an irreversible commitment to change, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our wine. Inglenook Rubicon is a celebration of bold risks that result in exceptional rewards, resonating through each bottle with an uncommon depth and a testament to the finely tuned rendering of a risk well-taken.

Under the expert guidance of Philippe Bascaules, Inglenook’s Director of Winemaking, Rubicon has not only preserved its prestigious legacy but also continued to evolve, cementing its place in the cellars of collectors worldwide. It stands shoulder to shoulder with the revered vintages of the past, showcasing the timeless appeal and the evolving excellence of Inglenook.

Sustainability is at the heart of our vineyard practices. Pioneers in organic farming, Inglenook was among the first in Napa Valley to be certified organic in 1994. This commitment to the environment and innovation ensures that every bottle of Rubicon is a testament to dedication and quality.

The Inglenook Rubicon enchants with its vibrant aromatics, introducing itself with creme de cassis and tobacco leaf, followed by hints of dark chocolate and espresso notes. On the palate, it reveals its richness and inviting texture with the sleek, cohesive structure of a classic vintage. Its finish is a harmonious blend of the original aromatics enhanced with a touch of allspice and clove. Each sip is a journey through the freshness and heritage of the estate, offering a taste experience that bridges the past and the present.

Inglenook Rubicon is more than wine; it’s an irreversible decision to experience the revolutionary spirit and risk-taken by those who dare to dream. It’s an invitation to be part of a legacy that celebrates boldness, elegance, and the timeless pursuit of exceptional wine.

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