La Pelle St.helena Cabernet 2019


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Discover the Opulent Elegance of La Pelle St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon

La Pelle’s St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon is an embodiment of the profound and powerful characteristics that the St. Helena AVA is celebrated for. Dressed in deep, enigmatic burgundy, this bottle holds a universe of intense flavors and exquisite aromas waiting to be unleashed.

Upon first encounter, your senses are greeted by a profusion of black fruits, dark plums, and an aromatic tapestry woven with mountain herbs and captivating warm spices. The full-bodied palate embraces you with lusciously ripe tannins and a vivid streak of minerality, juxtaposed perfectly against a backdrop of integrated acidity. This complex interplay supports the resplendent midpalate where layers of dark fruits dance with mountain spices, rounded off by a delicate hint of toasted French oak sweetness and a pronounced graphite finish.

Crafted with the utmost care, La Pelle St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon is already dazzling connoisseurs in 2022 with its intricate complexity. It stands as a testament to time with an exceptional aging potential, promising to evolve gracefully over 20+ years.

This distinguished wine emerges from the Alluvium Vineyard, cradled within the St. Helena AVA on the auspicious westside of Highway 29. Here, the nearly 40-year-old vines thrive in primarily alluvial fan soils, benefitting from a tradition of sustainable farming and California sprawl techniques. Aged for 22 months in barrels framed by 75% new oak from renowned French coopers including Taransaud, Sylvain, and Ermitage, this Cabernet Sauvignon is a careful curation of heritage and artisanship.

With each pour, the nose is captivated by the signature graphite tones of the terroir, beautifully interlaced with the essences of brambleberries, black plums, and mountain herbs. Your palate is graced with a weighty and lush mouthfeel, sophisticated tannins, and a refined texture that comes from diligent winemaking. Every mouthful is a revelation – well-structured, vibrant, and adorned with a mélange of opaque fruits, French oak whispers, and a spice that lingers like a fond memory.

La Pelle St. Helena Cabernet Sauvignon is a journey – one that is thoroughly enjoyable in its youth, yet possesses the grace and fortitude to mature exquisitely over the decades. Make this wine an opulent highlight in your collection, a treasure that promises to unfurl with elegance and vigor as the years pass. Indulge in the promise of longevity and the celebration of Napa Valley’s cherished terroir with La Pelle.

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