Mer Soleil Pinot Noir 2019 750 ml


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Introducing Mer Soleil Pinot Noir, a true delight for the senses. Prepare to immerse yourself in a symphony of aromas. The wine opens with seductive scents of plum tarte, luring you deeper into its layers of complexity. As you explore further, you will discover the enchanting aroma of cherries, reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom. The backdrop of forest bottom adds an earthy touch, while a subtle hint of graphite adds a sophisticated nuance that leaves you captivated.

Take a sip and let the flavors dance on your palate. Savour the essence of juicy plums, perfectly balanced with the lusciousness of cherry tarte. A gentle undercurrent of cranberry adds a twist of tartness, bringing a lively vibrancy to the wine. As you savor each sip, you will notice the delicate presence of brown spice and a touch of nutmeg, adding a subtle warmth and richness to the overall experience.

What sets Mer Soleil Pinot Noir apart is its meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in a wine of unparalleled quality. The grapes are sourced from vineyards nestled in the stunning Santa Lucia Highlands, just forty-nine minutes south of Monterey, California. This region is renowned for its ideal conditions for Pinot Noir, with a more moderate climate that allows for the grape to fully thrive.

The unique microclimate of the Santa Lucia Highlands, influenced by the cooling breezes off of Monterey Bay, offers an extended growing season. This slower ripening process lends itself to a wine of heightened complexity, as the grapes develop fully and luxuriate in the optimal conditions provided by Mother Nature herself.

To further enhance the character of this extraordinary wine, it is aged for approximately seven months in barrel. Using mostly new French oak, the aging process imparts integrated toasty notes that marry harmoniously with the natural flavors and aromas of the Pinot Noir grapes. The result is a wine that is not only beautifully refined but also showcases the artistry of the winemaking process.

Our esteemed winemaker, Charlie Wagner, has taken great pride in crafting this exquisite Mer Soleil Pinot Noir. His dedication to creating a wine that epitomizes elegance and sophistication shines through in every sip. With attention to every detail, Charlie has carefully paired Mer Soleil Pinot Noir with a delightful culinary suggestion. Indulge in the pleasure of pairing this wine with salted baked chicken and pureed potatoes, a combination that perfectly complements the nuanced flavors and delicate nuances of the wine.

Discover the sheer beauty and artistry of Mer Soleil Pinot Noir. Immerse yourself in its captivating aromas, savor its complex and layered flavors, and fall in love with its refined and distinctive character. Experience the very essence of the Santa Lucia Highlands in every sip, as this exquisite wine transports you to a place of pure indulgence and sensory delight.

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