Monte Del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio 2012


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Irresistible Sophistication: Elevate Your Wine Experience with Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio

Region: An Italian Masterpiece Crafted in the Breathtaking Hills of Valpolicella
Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Italy’s Valpolicella region with Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio. This extraordinary wine is meticulously crafted amidst the rolling hills and sun-kissed vineyards of Veneto, where the winemaking tradition dates back centuries. Transport yourself to the heart of Valpolicella with every sip of this exceptional masterpiece.

Grape Varietal: The Perfect Blend of Native Grapes Infused with Elegance
Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio captivates with its meticulously selected blend of traditional grape varietals. Composed predominantly of Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara, this wine showcases the signature flavors and aromas of the Valpolicella region. Each grape varietal contributes its own distinct character, resulting in a harmonious symphony of taste that will delight your senses.

Tasting Notes: A Sensory Journey of Opulence and Refinement
Indulge in the seductive aromas of ripe cherries, dried berries, and a hint of vanilla that waft from the glass. On the palate, experience the opulent flavors of dark chocolate, black plum, and a touch of tobacco. This full-bodied wine impresses with its velvety texture, perfectly integrated tannins, and a long, lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression. Savour the elegance and refinement of Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio with every sip.

Food Pairs: Elevate Your Dining Experience

  1. Slow-roasted beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction
  2. Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese with toasted hazelnuts
  3. Grilled wild boar sausages with a rosemary-infused marinade
  4. Bittersweet chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis
  5. Roasted duck breast with caramelized figs and a balsamic glaze

Awards & Accolades: Recognized Excellence

  • 97 Points, Wine Enthusiast
  • Gold Medal, International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • Best Amarone, Decanter World Wine Awards

Balance: Perfect Harmony of Layers and Nuances
Experience the impeccable balance of Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio. This wine perfectly blends its richness and intensity with an elegant acidity and supple tannins, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors on the palate. The intricate balance invites you to savor the wine’s depth and complexity, ensuring a truly remarkable tasting experience.

Intensity of Flavors: An Exquisite Explosion for the Palate
Immerse yourself in the captivating intensity of Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio. With each sip, your taste buds will be dazzled by the richness of ripe dark fruits, layers of spices, and a touch of leather. The wine’s bold and captivating flavors create an unforgettable explosion on the palate, showcasing the depth and complexity of this exceptional vintage.

Clarity: Pristine Brilliance in Every Glass
Experience the pristine beauty of Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio as it unveils its mesmerizing clarity. With its deep, garnet red hue and brilliant clarity, this wine showcases its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each sip reveals the wine’s intricate aromas and flavors with utmost clarity, inviting you to appreciate every nuance and detail.

Complexity: Unveiling a Tapestry of Flavors and Aromas
Embark on a sensory journey of discovery with Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio, a wine that unravels its complexity with every taste. Explore its rich tapestry of flavors, from ripe dark fruits and velvety chocolate to nuances of tobacco and oak. The wine’s depth and complexity invite contemplation, revealing new dimensions and layers of enjoyment with each sip.

Typicity: A Revered Expression of Valpolicella’s Heritage
Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio epitomizes the typicity of the Valpolicella region, capturing the essence and spirit of its winemaking heritage. From the meticulously cultivated vineyards to the selection of native grape varietals, this wine embodies the authenticity and craftsmanship that have made Valpolicella renowned. Indulge in the timeless expression of this revered appellation.

Finish Length: A Lingering Farewell that Captivates the Palate
Experience the grand finale of Monte del Fra Amarone Scarnocchio as its unforgettable finish lingers on your palate. The wine’s remarkable length is characterized by the enduring presence of dark fruits, subtle spice, and velvety tannins. Allow the elegance and refinement of the wine to gracefully conclude your tasting experience, leaving a lasting impression that will stay with you long after the last sip.

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