Muddlers Vodka Pink Lemonade 6 Pack Cans


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Introducing Muddlers Vodka Pink Lemonade 6 Pack Cans – the epitome of refreshing summer indulgence. Our handcrafted pink lemonade cocktail is made with premium, real ingredients that will transport you to sunny days and carefree moments.

At Muddlers, we believe in keeping it real. That’s why our pink lemonade is crafted with fresh-pressed lemon juice and real cranberry juice, guaranteeing a distinctive, bright pink hue that is as visually stunning as it is flavorful. No artificial extracts or syrups here – just genuine ingredients for an authentic taste experience.

Full flavor is our passion. We strive to create the best tasting ready-to-drink cocktails on the market, and our vodka pink lemonade is no exception. The perfect balance of tangy lemon and fruity cranberry, combined with smooth premium vodka, creates a summer-time beverage that will satisfy your taste buds and quench your thirst.

Every recipe is carefully designed and tested in-house, ensuring that each sip brings you the utmost enjoyment. Handcrafted by our dedicated team in small batches, this delightful pink lemonade is a labor of love that you can taste in every can.

As a proudly Canadian brand, we are 100% Canadian owned and operated. By choosing Muddlers Vodka Pink Lemonade 6 Pack Cans, you support local craftsmanship and innovation, while enjoying the refreshing taste of summer in every sip.

Indulge yourself in the ultimate summer-time beverage with Muddlers Vodka Pink Lemonade 6 Pack Cans. With the perfect blend of real lemon juice, cranberry juice, and premium vodka, you’ll experience a refreshing and vibrant drink that will transport you to your happy place. Cheers to moments of pure enjoyment and the taste of summer in every can.

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