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Introducing Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale – a beer that pays homage to the spirit of our 16 founders who believed in the pursuit of great beer. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this pale ale is brewed using the finest Prairie barley and a selection of five high-quality hop varietals. With its unique aging process, Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale delivers an extra smooth and refreshing beer experience that is sure to delight your senses.

With its attractive golden hue, Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale offers a visually appealing drinking experience. The aroma of fresh, lightly hopped notes greets your senses, setting the stage for the smooth and balanced taste that awaits. Each sip reveals a perfect harmony between the finely crafted Prairie barley and the carefully chosen hop varietals, resulting in a refreshing and well-rounded flavor profile.

With an alcohol by volume content of 5% and only 140 calories per 355ml can, Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale offers a guilt-free indulgence. This beverage is designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, whether you’re savoring it with a meal or unwinding after a long day.

Fresh, lightly hoppy, smooth, and balanced – these are the characteristics that define Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale. Let the flavors of this exceptional pale ale transport you to the heart of Canada’s brewing heritage. Raise a glass, celebrate the spirit of our founders, and savor every sip of Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale.

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