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Introducing Romeo’s Gin: A Creation That Pushes Boundaries and Inspires Creativity.

Romeo’s Gin is not just a spirit; it’s a symbol of non-conformity and limitless living. Designed for those who dare to challenge the status quo, this gin encourages reflection, pushing us to move forward and create.

Artistic Collaboration: Romeo’s Gin has taken the initiative to democratize urban art, collaborating with renowned Montreal street artist, Stikki Peaches, to create a captivating visual experience. Stikki Peaches, an icon of the street art scene, has brought his unique style and thought-provoking art to each bottle of Romeo’s Gin. His work has graced the streets of Montreal, Paris, London, Berlin, and Stockholm, leaving a lasting impression on urban landscapes.

Aromatic Complexity: Infused with a carefully selected blend of botanicals, Gin Romeo’s offers an aromatic journey unlike any other. Juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond, and lemon combine harmoniously to deliver a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile. Each sip tantalizes the taste buds, stimulating the senses with a unique and inspiring blend of aromas.

Unforgettable Serve: For the perfect serve, indulge in a Romeo’s Gin & Tonic. Begin with 2 oz of Romeo’s Gin poured over ice, followed by 4 oz of Tonic Fever Tree Elderflower. Enhance the experience with a garnish of lavender and dill, adding a touch of elegance to your drink. Let every sip transport you to a place where creativity flourishes and boundaries dissolve.

Art Where You Least Expect It: Gin Romeo’s goes beyond the ordinary, transforming spaces into unexpected art galleries. From the creation of the first urban art museum in Montreal’s 24-story high building staircase to commissioning Toronto’s largest mural, Romeo’s Gin aims to inspire and refresh through art.

Fresh and Inspiring: Gin Romeo’s prides itself on its unique aromatic signature, capturing the essence of nature’s finest ingredients. With a blend that combines juniper, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond, and lemon, every sip transports you to a world of freshness and inspiration.

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