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Introducing SYC Afternoon Hoot, the beer that embodies the essence of a refreshing afternoon. Crafted with care, this full-bodied brew showcases the finest locally sourced barley malt and Canada’s first patented hop, found growing wild in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Prepare to indulge in a sensory journey like no other.

From the moment the golden elixir pours into your glass, an irresistible aroma of peeled orange, tangerine, and cedar fills the air. The citrusy notes combined with the subtle sweetness of the malt create a harmonious symphony of scents that awaken the senses and ignite anticipation for the first sip.

As the liquid touches your lips, a burst of flavor takes over your taste buds. The bright, zesty essence of orange and tangerine dances on your palate, perfectly complementing the smoothness of the malt. Every sip is a delightful balance of refreshing citrus and subtle sweetness, creating a euphoric experience that begs to be savored.

SYC Afternoon Hoot is more than just a beer. It’s a companion for any afternoon affair, whether it’s lounging on a patio, gathering with friends, or enjoying a moment of solitude. Its full-bodied nature and refreshingly crisp profile make it the perfect accompaniment for a leisurely afternoon.

We take pride in our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, using only locally sourced barley malt for our brew. Our commitment to quality ensures that every sip of SYC Afternoon Hoot is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating this exceptional beer.

Indulge in a taste of the wild, as the captivating flavors of Canada’s first patented hop intertwine with the subtle sweetness of the malt. Be transported to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains and experience the spirit of the untamed wilderness with every sip.

Embrace the afternoon hoot. Experience the synergy of flavors. Savor the moments of pure bliss. SYC Afternoon Hoot is the beer that elevates your afternoon to new heights. Cheers to a taste that captivates and leaves you longing for more.

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