Tamnavulin Double Cask

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Tamnavulin Double Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky, meticulously matured in American oak barrels to create a sweet and mellow flavor. This exceptional whisky showcases a rich and smooth Sherry cask finish, making it a delightful sensory experience from start to finish.

Elevate your senses with the warm and inviting amber gold color that awaits in each glass. The nose unveils a symphony of aromas, including rich apple, toffee, and honey, complemented by notes of sweet marzipan and subtle tangy marmalade. The palate unveils a fresh and mellow sensation, with hints of pear, creamy peaches, pineapple, and a beautiful touch of Demerara sugar.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The finish of Tamnavulin Whisky Double Cask is rich, smooth, and refreshing, leaving you with a signature Speyside malt experience that is second to none.

The Tamnavulin story is one steeped in history and passion. Established in 1966, the distillery in the quaint village of Tomnavoulin, Scotland, has flourished over the years, crafting exceptional single malt whisky with a true Speyside character. After a period of closure, the distillery was reborn in 2007, following a major refurbishment, enabling the continuation of creating rich, smooth, and mellow whisky that whisky lovers adore.

The name Tamnavulin, translated from Gaelic as ‘mill on the hill,’ pays homage to the former carding mill that stands on the distillery’s grounds. Local farmers used to bring their sheep fleeces to be transformed into wool during the summer months, creating a connection to the distillery’s heritage and historical significance.

Located in the heart of Speyside, the most esteemed whisky-producing region in Scotland, Tamnavulin Double Cask Distillery enjoys the surroundings of the picturesque village of Tomnavoulin, home to approximately 40 residents. Speyside, boasting over half of Scotland’s operational malt whisky distilleries, provides the ideal environment for crafting exceptional whisky. The region’s temperate microclimate and fertile farmland make it the perfect place to cultivate barley and mature whisky, ensuring the unparalleled quality and character of every dram.

Unleash your taste buds and savor the moment with Tamnavulin Double Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky. With its delightful combination of sweetness, smoothness, and signature Speyside charm, it’s a whisky that will captivate and enchant whisky enthusiasts and novices alike.

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