Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whiskey 750 ml


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Discover the magic of Japanese whisky with Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whiskey Aged in Japan. Crafted with precision and expertise by the blenders at Chugoku Jozo, this blend is composed of imported whiskies aged and blended in Japan, resulting in a truly unique character that sets it apart from other blended whiskies.

Indulge in the delightful notes of grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu, orange and lemon, followed by the exotic flavors of coconut, banana, pineapple, lychee and kiwi, and the sweet notes of honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and toffee. Every sip is a sensory experience, a celebration of flavors that dance in perfect harmony on your taste buds.

Composed of scotch malt whisky and Canadian grain whisky, matured and vatted in Japan by Japanese blenders, Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whiskey is a testament to the blending expertise of the house Chugoku Jozo. The dominant flavor of coconut, complemented by hints of caramel and exotic fruits, tickles your palate and sets the stage for a true Japanese whisky experience.

Aged in oak barrels in a tunnel dug in the heart of the mountainous region of Nishi Chugoku Sanchi, Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whiskey offers a thin and light texture, perfect for those beginning their journey into the world of Japanese whisky. With its excellent price/quality ratio, this blend surprises even the most curious Japanese whisky enthusiasts, showcasing the unique history and blending know-how of Chugoku Jozo.

Togouchi whiskies are a tribute to the art of Japanese whisky-making, highlighting the work of blending for future productions of the Sakurao distillery. Each cask is aged, blended, and diluted in Japan, highlighting the terroir and bringing a touch of Japanese craftsmanship to every glass. The spring water used for the reduction of the alcoholic volume is drawn from the heart of the preserved mountains of the Sandankyo natural park, adding to its distinct Japanese character.

With its unique flavors, expert blending, and rich history, Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whiskey Aged in Japan is a must-try for those exploring the world of Japanese whisky. Indulge in every sip and unlock the secrets of Japanese whisky with Togouchi.

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