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Introducing the Wolf Blass Makers Project Pink Pinot Grigio – a tantalizing, refreshing drop that will captivate your taste buds. This wine is a testament to expertise and innovation, building on Wolfgang Blass’s original vision to create wines that taste great and that people truly want to drink.

Made with meticulous care, the Wolf Blass Makers Project Pink Pinot Grigio is crafted by fermenting free run juice and enhancing the natural pink color of the Pinot Grigio skins. The result is a light-bodied style with a crisp, dry finish that bursts with flavor. Prepare for a sensory journey as each sip reveals the vibrant and fresh fruit flavors that make this wine so delightful.

From ripe pear and green apple to citrus zest and honeysuckle, with hints of strawberry and rhubarb, the nose of this wine is a bouquet of enticing aromas. On the palate, experience the pure, vibrant fruit flavors that dance on your taste buds, leading to a refreshing and invigorating finish.

Produced in South Australia, a region known for its exceptional wine production, this wine benefits from the region’s oldestand finest vines. With a climate that fosters grape growth and development, including good winter rainfall and mild, dry days with cool nights, the Wolf Blass Makers Project Pink Pinot Grigio showcases the bright, varietal expression that South Australia is renowned for.

Pair this versatile wine with a wide range of dishes, from beef and chicken to fish and seafood. It also complements pasta, salads, vegetarian options, pizza, and even spicy food. Its crisp and refreshing character adds a delightful dimension to any meal.

Join us in celebrating the expertise and innovation behind the Wolf Blass Makers Project Pink Pinot Grigio. Embrace the refreshing and vibrant flavors that make this wine so exceptional. A testament to the vision of Wolfgang Blass and the passion of our winemakers, this is a wine that will leave you craving for more.

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