Woodford Reserve Straight Malt 750 ml


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Introducing Woodford Reserve Straight Malt, an extraordinary whiskey that pushes the boundaries of flavor and craftsmanship. Experience the art of whisky-making elevated to new heights with this exceptional spirit.


Immerse yourself in the essence of Kentucky with Woodford Reserve Straight Malt. Crafted in the heart of bourbon country, this whiskey pays tribute to the rich heritage and traditions of Kentucky. Indulge in the flavors that transcend generations, transporting you to the rolling hills and pristine distilleries of the Bluegrass State.

Mashing, Fermenting, Distilling, & Aging

Woodford Reserve Straight Malt begins with a carefully selected blend of malted barley, precisely mashed and expertly fermented. The distilling process is a showcase of skill and expertise, with master distillers overseeing every detail to ensure exceptional quality. This whiskey is then aged in carefully selected barrels, allowing it to mature and develop its exquisite character and smoothness over time. The result is a whiskey that embodies the passion and dedication that goes into the art of whisky-making.

Tasting Notes

Prepare to be captivated by the complex and alluring flavors of Woodford Reserve Straight Malt. With its inviting aromas of vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak, it tantalizes the senses from the first moment. The first sip unveils a velvety-smooth whiskey with flavors of dark chocolate, dried fruit, and a touch of spice. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a warm and lingering sensation that leaves you craving for more. With each sip, you embark on a journey through a symphony of flavors that culminate in an experience that is both delightful and unforgettable.

Food Pairs

Woodford Reserve Straight Malt is a versatile whiskey that pairs elegantly with a variety of culinary creations. Its balanced and nuanced flavors complement dishes such as roasted meats, mature cheeses, and rich desserts. Whether you’re enjoying a savory steak or indulging in a decadent crème brûlée, this whiskey elevates your dining experience, turning every bite into a moment of pure pleasure.


Unleash your creativity and take your cocktail game to the next level with Woodford Reserve Straight Malt. This exceptional whiskey brings depth and sophistication to classic cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Whisky Sour. Its complex flavor profile and smooth finish make it a perfect choice for those seeking a truly refined drinking experience. Let Woodford Reserve Straight Malt be the star of your cocktails and impress your guests with its exceptional taste and elegance.

Awards & Accolades

Woodford Reserve Straight Malt has garnered praise and recognition from whisky experts and enthusiasts alike, solidifying its status as an exceptional whiskey. It has been celebrated for its outstanding quality and craftsmanship, earning numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Savor the satisfaction of indulging in a whiskey that has been recognized for its remarkable taste and remarkable character.

Balance, Intensity of Flavors, Clarity, Complexity, Typicity, Finish Length

Woodford Reserve Straight Malt epitomizes a perfect balance of flavors, showcasing a harmony that is both refined and captivating. Its intensity of flavors, from the sweet vanilla to the deep oak, is expertly crafted to create a whiskey that engages the senses without overwhelming. The clarity and complexity of this whiskey are a testament to its meticulous craftsmanship, exemplifying its true typicity as a premium whisky. The finish is long and fulfilling, offering a smooth and satisfying conclusion that leaves you truly satisfied.

Discover the allure of Woodford Reserve Straight Malt and immerse yourself in the world of exceptional whisky. Whether savored neat, paired with exquisite cuisine, or mixed into refined cocktails, this outstanding spirit promises an experience that is both sophisticated and unforgettable. Surrender to the richness and elegance of Woodford Reserve Straight Malt and elevate your whisky appreciation to new heights.

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