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Introducing Banded Peak Approach Amber Lager, a brew that embodies the spirit of adventure and satisfies your thirst for great beer. This immensely drinkable lager is as refreshing as a crisp mountain stream and as aromatic as a meadow full of wildflowers. It’s the perfect companion to kickstart your next adventure.

Approach Amber Lager is expertly crafted with a combination of quality ingredients, resulting in a flavor profile that will leave you wanting more. At 5.1% ABV, this lager strikes the perfect balance between being sessionable and providing a satisfying kick. It’s the ideal beer to enjoy after a long day of hiking, biking, or any outdoor activity.

With an IBU of 20, Approach Amber Lager provides a gentle hop bitterness that adds depth to the overall flavor experience. The carefully selected Czech SAAZ and Hallertau Tradition hops bring a beautiful blend of floral and earthy notes, complementing the malt profile perfectly.

Speaking of malts, Approach Amber Lager is crafted using Origin Pilsner, Origin Vienna, Origin Munich, and Origin Chit Malt. This combination creates a rich and nuanced malt backbone that balances the hops and delivers a smooth, satisfying taste.

Banded Peak Approach Amber Lager is more than just a beer; it’s an invitation to embark on your next adventure with a drink in hand. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply looking to savor a well-crafted brew, this lager is the perfect choice.

So, gear up and embrace the spirit of adventure with Banded Peak Approach Amber Lager. Let its refreshing qualities and aromatic allure transport you to new heights of enjoyment. Cheers to unforgettable experiences and the delicious beer that accompanies them!

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