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Introducing Banded Peak Summit Seeker Amber IPA, the beer that captures the essence of adventure and the thrill of reaching new heights. With its deep red color and notorious lineup of hops, this brew is a departure from the classic IPA that will leave you craving more.

At 6.5% ABV and 65 IBU, Banded Peak Summit Seeker Amber IPA is a powerful and robust IPA that is perfect for those who have their eyes on the summit. With a unique blend of Summit, Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe hops, this beer delivers an explosion of hoppy goodness with every sip. Be prepared for intense flavors of citrus, pine and spice that will transport your senses to the great outdoors.

To create the perfect foundation for these bold hop flavors, Summit Seeker is crafted with a carefully selected blend of malts. The Rahr Craft 2 Row, Weyermann Munich Type 1, Simpsons Medium Crystal, and Roasted Barley malts combine to give this beer a deep red hue and a smooth, rich taste.

Banded Peak Summit Seeker Amber IPA is not just a beer, it’s an invitation to explore the world around you and embrace the thrill of reaching new heights. Whether you’re planning an epic adventure or simply enjoying an evening at home, this beer will transport you to a place of excitement and wonder.

So, grab a can of Banded Peak Summit Seeker Amber IPA and join the ranks of those who seek adventure with unbridled enthusiasm. Let the intense hoppy flavors and deep red color be your guide as you push yourself to new limits and conquer new summits. Cheers to the thrill of the climb and the beauty of the journey!

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