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Introducing Brilla Rosé Prosecco DOC – a wine that celebrates life’s precious moments with its exquisite bubbles, delicate bouquet, and refreshing flavors. Prepare to indulging your senses and experiencing a wine that embodies elegance, complexity, and pure enjoyment.

From the first pour, the little gems of life in the bottle bring to life a delicate and complex bouquet, with fruity notes that remind us of peach, green apple, and lemon. The floral notes of acacia and rose add a touch of elegance and sophistication, making every sip an indulgent experience. On the palate, the wine is fresh and light, balanced by perfect acidity and body, with a round and full-bodied structure that elevates it to the highest standards of prosecco.

Enjoy Brilla Rosé Prosecco DOC as an aperitif, sharing precious moments with friends, family, and partners. This wine also pairs particularly well with fish soups, grilled fish, and courses based on mushrooms, delivering an incomparable complexity of flavors and textures that will light up your palate.

This wine is made in an approachable, crowd-pleasing style with a fragrant, lifted aromatic character and plenty of red berry and red cherry tones. Its juicy, crisp, poised, and focused attributes make it a thoroughly enjoyable sparkler that you’ll want to savor every day.

Celebrate life’s precious moments with Brilla Rosé Prosecco DOC – a wine that captures the essence of indulgence, elegance, and pure enjoyment. Share it with those who matter most and allow its exquisite bubbles to bring a touch of magic to every occasion. Cheers to enjoying the precious moments that life has to offer with every sip of Brilla Rosé Prosecco DOC.

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