Chateau Le Pape De Haut Bailly


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Unveiling the Richness of Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly: A Wine Beyond Compare

Region: Revel in the Unmatched Beauty of Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux, France

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly is a wine with a heritage that dates back to the 17th century. Crafted in the esteemed Pessac-Leognan region of Bordeaux, France, this wine is a masterpiece of French winemaking, encapsulating the essence and terroir of this world-renowned wine region.

Grape Varietal: A Reflection of the Best of Pessac-Leognan

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly is a magnificently crafted wine made from a blend of 55% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, showcasing the unique character and complexity of the Pessac-Leognan region. The result is a wine with exceptional depth and finesse.

Tasting Notes: A Sensory Experience of Sublime Elegance

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly is a wine that enchants the palate. Its tasting notes showcase the nuanced balance of exquisite flavors, including blackcurrant, tobacco, and spices that mingle with its smooth tannins and velvety texture. It’s a wine that delivers a sensory experience of sublime elegance.

Food Pairs: Experience the Perfect Harmony

  1. Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Jus
  2. Grilled Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction
  3. Ratatouille with a Hint of Basil
  4. Aged Gouda Cheese with Fig Jam
  5. Dark Chocolate Truffles with a dash of Pepper

Awards & Accolades: Respected by Industry Experts

  • Decanter Asia Wine Awards: Platinum Medal
  • Wine & Spirits Magazine: 94 Points

Balance: A Wine that Epitomizes Elegance and Harmony

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly is a wine that truly embodies balance. The skilled craftsmanship and meticulously blended grapes result in a wine with exceptional balance, from its fruit flavors to its subtle oak and spice accents, creating a perfectly harmonious wine-drinking experience.

Intensity of Flavors: A Wine that Captivates the Senses

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly captivates the senses with its bold flavors, showcasing a spectrum of fruit-forward flavors and a touch of spice. With its extended barrel aging, it has a complexity that is characteristic of the wines of Bordeaux.

Clarity: A Wine that Reflects the Pure Essence of Pessac-Leognan

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly showcases magnificent clarity that allows the beauty of its grape varietals and terroir to shine through. With each sip, you’ll appreciate the nuanced expression of the Pessac-Leognan vineyards.

Complexity: A Wine of Intricacies and Depth

Indulge in the fascinating complexity of Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly. Its multi-layered bouquet, complex flavors and extended aging process in oak barrels result in a wine that reveals intricate nuances throughout the drinking experience.

Typicity: A Wine that Represents the True Character of Pessac-Leognan

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly is considered an exceptional example of the wines of Pessac-Leognan. It showcases the unique character and richness that is characteristic of wines from this winemaking region, making it a great representation of the area.

Finish Length: A Memorable Finale that lingers on

Chateau Le Pape de Haut Bailly provides a memorable finish that lingers on the palate long after the final sip. Its lingering fruit flavors and velvety smooth edges result in an exceptional finale to every wine-tasting experience.

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