Chateau Troplong Mondot 2016


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Indulge in the Luxurious Benefits of Chateau Troplong Mondot

Region: A Majestic Offering from Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France

Chateau Troplong Mondot is a wine that embodies the grandeur and opulence of the Saint-Émilion region in Bordeaux, France. The picturesque vineyards lie atop a hill, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The estate benefits from a unique terroir that characterizes the region – a blending of limestone and clay. This idyllic location, combined with careful cultivation and winemaking, yields a wine that is complex, nuanced, and utterly delightful.

Grape Varietal: A Symphony of Flavors Blended with Perfection

Chateau Troplong Mondot is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon that brings together a symphony of flavors with perfect balance. The wine’s rich, velvety texture comes from the Merlot, which is masterfully combined with the aromatics of Cabernet Franc and the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon. This perfect balance gives Chateau Troplong Mondot its unique character.

Tasting Notes: A Sensuous Melange of Fruits, Flowers, and Spices

Chateau Troplong Mondot is a wine that tantalizes the senses. On the nose, it reveals enticing aromas of blackcurrant, cherry, and violet, followed by subtle hints of oak and spice. On the palate, it explodes with flavors of blackberry, plum, and dark chocolate, all wrapped in a smoky, earthy finish. Every sip of Chateau Troplong Mondot is an experience in itself.

Food Pairs: Elevate Your Dining Experience with These Pairings

Elevate your dining experience by pairing Chateau Troplong Mondot with these delectable dishes:

  1. Grilled Ribeye steak with a red wine reduction
  2. Wild mushroom risotto with shaved parmesan
  3. Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic
  4. Dark chocolate mousse with fresh berries
  5. Charcuterie board with cured meats and cheeses

Awards & Accolades: A Testament to its Superb Quality

Chateau Troplong Mondot has been recognized as one of the finest wines in the world. Here are a few of its many accolades:

  • Wine Spectator: Consistently high ratings in the mid to high 90s on a 100-point scale
  • Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: Frequent ratings in the high 90s on a 100-point scale
  • Decanter: Repeated placements in the top 100 wines of the year
  • James Suckling: Frequent ratings in the mid-90s to high 90s on a 100-point scale

Balance: A Masterful Blend of Flavors and Structure

Chateau Troplong Mondot represents a perfect balance of flavors and structure. The wine’s dense fruitiness blends seamlessly with its well-integrated tannins, balanced acidity, and oak influence. This harmony creates a wine that is complex, mature, and elegant.

Intensity of Flavors: A Tantalizing Mix of Fruity and Spicy Notes

Chateau Troplong Mondot exhibits a robust intensity of flavors. Every sip is an explosion of ripe dark fruit and spicy notes, with undertones of smoky oak and earthy herbs. The flavors of this wine are rich, nuanced, and captivating.

Clarity: A Crystal-Clear Expression of Terroir and Winemaking

Chateau Troplong Mondot exudes supreme clarity that reflects the expert craftmanship, from the vineyard work to the winemaking process. Its vibrant ruby color and luminous reflections speak of the wine’s purity and authenticity. Every detail is a testament to its meticulous approach to terroir and winemaking.

Complexity: A Symphony of Nuances and Dimensions

Chateau Troplong Mondot is a wine that awakens the senses with its complexity. Every sip reveals new dimensions, nuanced flavors of fruit, spice, and oak influence that create a captivating symphony on the palate. It is a wine that is both complex and accessible, enveloping the taster in a sensuous world of flavor.

Typicity: A Unique Expression of Saint-Émilion’s Signature Style

Chateau Troplong Mondot is a wine that is quintessentially Saint-Émilion. It captures the signature style of the region, with intense fruit flavors, well-integrated tannins, and a lush, velvety texture. The wine’s unique character is a testament to the exquisite terroir of the region and the expert craftmanship of winemaking.

Finish Length: A Lingering Elegance on the Palate

Chateau Troplong Mondot has a finish length that lingers gracefully on the palate. The wine’s fruity, tannic structure leaves a smooth, satisfying sensation that keeps the palate wanting more. Every sip of this wine is an experience of elegance and refinement that lasts long after the glass is empty.

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