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Introducing Crabbie’s Yardhead, the single malt whisky that invites you to explore the art of mixing as well as sipping. Crafted exclusively from first-fill bourbon casks, this exceptional whisky offers a versatile flavor profile that is perfect for highballs and modern whisky cocktails.

Named after the historic site in Leith, Edinburgh, where John Crabbie’s original distillery once stood, Yardhead embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity. With its unique characteristics and impeccable craftsmanship, it is a delight for both whisky enthusiasts and mixologists alike.

Prepare your senses for an extraordinary experience as you indulge in the enticing aromas. Green apples flirt with fresh vanilla, while delicate biscuit notes dance in the background. The nose alone sets the stage for a journey of taste and discovery.

Upon tasting, Crabbie’s Yardhead unveils a symphony of flavors that will captivate your palate. Sweet caramel and smooth vanilla lend a delightful sweetness, while bright citrus notes provide a refreshing twist. A kick of spice adds a touch of excitement, bringing a perfect balance to this exceptional whisky.

The finish is nothing short of remarkable. Citrus flavors linger, reminding you of the vibrant journey you just experienced. Malt notes provide depth and complexity, enhancing the overall taste. With each sip, you’ll be reminded of the freshness and vitality that sets Yardhead apart.

Whether you prefer a classic highball or enjoy experimenting with modern whisky cocktails, Crabbie’s Yardhead is the ideal partner for your mixology adventures. Its versatile flavor profile ensures that it effortlessly complements a variety of ingredients, allowing you to create unique and memorable drinks.

Embrace the spirit of innovation and explore the endless possibilities with Crabbie’s Yardhead. Its exceptional blend of flavors, combined with its rich heritage, is sure to elevate your mixing experience to new heights. So go on, raise a glass and savor the versatility of Yardhead.

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