Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old 750 ml


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Indulge in True Whisky Authenticity: Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old

Experience whisky the way it was meant to be with Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old. We pride ourselves on preserving the traditional method of whisky-making; our whisky is aged longer, for a fuller and smoother taste that exudes sophistication. Unlike other Canadian whiskies that must be aged for a minimum of 3 years by law, our Rare 12 Year Old is aged for a minimum of 12 years, allowing you to experience the nuanced character of our exceptional blend.

Savor Aromas of Fruity Delight

Indulge your senses as you take in the fruity aromas of Gibson Whiskey Finest Rare 12 Year Old, tantalizingly complemented by subtle oaky notes. Prepare to be swept away by the aromatic complexities as scents of caramel custard and butterscotch swirl in your glass, culminating in a fruity-finished nose that’s simply irresistible.

A Sweet and Silky Palate, Full of Flavor

As you sip, relish the sweet and silky notes of our aptly named Rare 12 Year Old. Notes of citrus zest, spiced white pepper, oaky notes, and hints of zesty ginger blend seamlessly together, creating a full-bodied and velvety creaminess that’s simply captivating. The tantalizing toffee notes and caramelized sugar enriches the complexity of our blend, making every sip a true journey of taste.

A Warm and Peppery Finish

Savor the final notes of warmth and spice that linger long after your last sip. Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old delivers a medium to long, warm and peppery finish, with just the right amount of sweetness to make it unforgettable. Get ready to enjoy the lingering taste that will have you reaching for your glass again and again.

Unleash Your Inner Connoisseur with Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old

Experience whisky as it was meant to be. Enjoy the meticulously crafted process of our Rare 12 Year Old, with its full, smooth taste, fruity aromas, and nuanced complexities. Indulge in the sweet and silky palate and savor the warm, peppery finish that expertly rounds out this exceptional blend. Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old is the perfect companion for the whisky aficionado or the occasional drinker looking for a special experience. Unleash your inner connoisseur and discover the pinnacle of whisky authenticity.

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