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Introducing Jasper Brewing Trail Session IPA 15 Pack, a refreshingly delicious beer that boasts tropical fruit flavors and a winning reputation. This session IPA is meticulously crafted to offer a perfect balance of flavor, drinkability, and a touch of adventure in every sip.

With a moderate ABV of 5.0% and a bold 43 IBU, Jasper Brewing Trail Session IPA 15 Pack is designed for those seeking a flavor-packed experience without overwhelming bitterness. The expertly selected hops and malt create a harmonious profile that bursts with tropical fruit flavors, tantalizing your taste buds with each sip. Prepare for a journey of the senses as you savor the vibrant notes of mango, pineapple, and citrus that dance across your palate.

Not only does Jasper Brewing Trail Session IPA 15 Pack deliver a fantastic taste experience, it also comes with a side benefit to mention. According to enthusiastic consumers, consumption of this beer has been known to improve tent-building skills tenfold. So, whether you’re setting up camp by a serene mountain lake or pitching a tent in your backyard, a sip of this IPA just might unlock hidden talents and make your tent-building endeavor a breeze.

In addition to its flavorful profile and tent-building enchantments, Jasper Brewing Trail Session IPA 15 Pack has also earned recognition for its outstanding quality. It proudly received a prestigious gold medal at the 2023 Alberta Beer Awards, solidifying its status as a top contender in the craft beer world.

Indulge in the adventurous flavors of Jasper Brewing’s Trail Session IPA 15 Pack. Whether you’re embarking on an outdoor adventure, hosting a gathering with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day, this irresistible beer is the perfect companion. So, grab a pack, embrace the tropical journey, and raise a glass to the gold medal-winning Trail Session IPA. Cheers to great taste and unforgettable moments!

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