L’usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2018 750 ml


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Introducing L’Usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir, a wine that showcases the passion and dedication of Dave, the visionary behind his first vineyard in California. Situated in the esteemed Sta. Rita Hills, this Pinot Noir is a testament to the potential of the region.

Spanning across 150 acres, Dave carefully selected Clones 667, 777, and 828 to plant in his vineyard, ensuring a diverse and captivating expression of the Pinot Noir varietal. To cultivate the finest fruit, meticulous practices such as de-clumping, green passes, and hand-harvesting were implemented. In this light-yielding year, the vineyard yielded between 1 and 2.8 tons of exceptional grapes.

The winemaking process is a true labor of love. The grapes are 100% destemmed, followed by a 4-5 day cold soak to extract the essence of the fruit. Each pick and lot is treated with care, kept separate to preserve their individual character. With an extended maceration period of 16-21 days on the skins and regular punch-downs, the wine develops complexity and depth.

After gravity racking to French oak barrels, the wine ages for 9 months, with 40% new oak to add subtle oak influences. Mainly utilizing Francois Feres and Cadus barrels, the finesse and craftsmanship of the cooperages shine through. Without fining and with only a light filtration, the wine retains its purest expression.

In the glass, L’Usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir presents itself with a mesmerizing crimson core and a pale blush on the rim, capturing the eye with its allure. The aromas are a symphony of fresh pomegranate seeds, strawberry gelato, crème fraiche, and fig leaf, engaging the senses from the first sniff.

On the palate, this L’Usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir reveals its layers of flavors, with strawberry preserves, redcurrant, and rhubarb crisp taking center stage. The finish delivers a subtle interplay of oak tannins, complemented by a hint of lemon and pepper brine, leaving a lasting impression.

L’Usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir is a wine that embodies the spirit of the Sta. Rita Hills and pays tribute to Dave’s vision and meticulous work in establishing his vineyard. Each sip transports you to this exceptional region and invites you to savor the elegance and refinement of this perfectly sized 750ml bottle.

Embrace the essence of L’Usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir, a wine that encapsulates the beauty and allure of the Sta. Rita Hills, and discover a vintage that will captivate your senses and elevate your wine experience.

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