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Introducing On Point Rosé, a delightful wine that will awaken your senses with its vibrant flavors and refreshing finish. Immerse yourself in the enchanting notes of strawberry, perfectly harmonized with a light and crisp profile that will leave you yearning for more.

This Rosé is a true delight, captivating your palate with its pleasant strawberry fruit notes. Its crisp and refreshing nature is complemented by the fresh fruit flavors that dance on your tongue. Whether you choose to sip it on its own or incorporate it into a delightful Frosé cocktail, On Point Rosé is the perfect companion for any occasion.

But that’s not all! On Point Rosé offers the amazing benefit of being just 3 Points and 90 calories per 5 oz serving. It’s the ideal choice for those who value a balanced lifestyle without compromising on taste. Indulge in this guilt-free pleasure that pairs perfectly with fresh summer salads, enhancing your dining experience.

On Point wines are meticulously crafted with the WW member in mind. We understand the importance of finding wines that align with your wellness goals. With just 3 Points per 5 oz serving, On Point Rosé seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, offering a guilt-free option that never compromises on taste.

Experience the crisp and refreshing allure of On Point Rosé. Embrace its delightful flavors, guilt-free benefits, and the joy it brings to your wine moments. Elevate your wine collection with this exceptional choice that embodies the perfect harmony of taste and wellness.

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