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Introducing Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale – a beer that offers a unique and refreshing taste experience guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Crafted using only the finest quality Prairie barley, roasted black and caramel malts, and a blend of five hop varietals, this copper ale boasts an exceptional flavor profile that stands out among its peers.

Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale pours with a warm and inviting amber hue, offering a stunning visual presentation to complement its exceptional taste. The lightly malty aroma greets your senses, foreshadowing the smooth and balanced taste that awaits. With its exceptional blend of high-quality ingredients and unique aging process, this brew delivers unparalleled smoothness and refreshment with every sip.

This copper ale offers a beautiful balance of flavors and aromas, thanks to the carefully crafted blend of roasted black and caramel malts. These ingredients offer a warm and rich maltiness, complemented by a unique blend of five hop varietals that add a refreshing, subtle bitterness. With every sip, Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale delivers an exceptional taste experience that will leave a lasting impression.

With an alcohol by volume content of 5.2% and only 150 calories per 355ml can, Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale is a refreshing and easy-drinking option suitable for any occasion.

Warm, lightly malty, smooth, and balanced – these are the characteristics that define Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale. Whether you’re sharing it with friends or enjoying it alone, this beer offers an unforgettable taste experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Celebrate the rich and unique flavors of copper ale with Original 16 Canadian Copper Ale.

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