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Immerse your senses in the bold, full-bodied, and densely flavored Paso Creek Zinfandel Red Wine. With its deep ruby color and luxurious aromas of blueberry pie, licorice, and black pepper on the nose, this California red wine will have you craving a sip of its rich, intense flavors of cherry cola, sarsaparilla, and cinnamon. The wine is characterized by its persistent and bold character and its muscular finish.

Crafted using small-lot winemaking and patient barrel-aging, this wine is the epitome of Paso Robles’s appellation’s Zinfandel. Paso Creek’s winemakers employ a stubborn patience approach, ensuring that every bottle of wine is top-notch, bold, and juicy. This zinfandel was created to be savored and enjoyed, making it a great addition to any wine collection or meal.

Pair this wine with your favorite dishes, preferably complimenting spaghetti Bolognaise or aged cheddar, grilled duck breast, and cheese pizza. The wine is perfect for ribs and burgers, with its tannins structure and juicy acidity adding to the flavors.

Explore the heartland of America’s wine-growing region with Paso Creek Zinfandel, a wine that features a bold, expressive character already made famous as a Paso Robles gem. The essence of this wine is derived from a unique blend of region and winemaking techniques, delivering a unique sensory experience worth every sip.

Enjoy responsibly and indulge in the bold, concentrated, big, and muscular wine that showcases Paso Creek’s pursuit of bold, brash flavors that make it an exceptional wine. Grab your bottle today and experience all that the world of Paso Creek Zinfandel has to offer.

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