Trim Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 750 ml


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Indulge in the incomparable beauty of Trim Cabernet Sauvignon – a wine that celebrates authenticity and transparency in the world of winemaking. With its stuffed cherry and bright red fruit aromas, perfumed wood nuances, and baking spices, this wine captivates the senses with its inviting and versatile character.

As you take a sip of Trim Cabernet Sauvignon, the soft, supple tannins make this wine immediately approachable. Every sip is a delightful journey, as the flavors seamlessly unfold on the palate, revealing the wine’s complexity and depth. This is a wine that shines in its versatility, making it a perfect pairing for red meats, burgers, BBQs, and tomato-based pastas. But it’s not just about food – Trim Cabernet Sauvignon is great for boat rides and binge-watching, elevating these moments with its irresistible character.

The winemaking philosophy behind Trim Cabernet Sauvignon is what sets it apart from the crowd. With a focus on crafting a single Cabernet and a single Chardonnay, the team channels all their attention and expertise on creating the best wine possible, without additives or distraction. This is a wine that is made with grapes, yeast, malolactic bacteria, potassium metabisulfite, natural oak, and tannins – no sugar, concentrate, coloring, or any other additives that shouldn’t be there. The result is a wine that is highly authentic and transparent, resonating with wine enthusiasts looking for a genuine and honest product.

Master vintner Ray’s dedication to winemaking is evident in every sip of Trim Cabernet Sauvignon. His meticulous approach and focus on achieving a balance of approachability and sophistication is a testament to the exceptional quality of this wine. With 30 years of experience and countless accolades from globally renowned wine critics and publications, Ray is one of Napa Valley’s top vintners, and his European influence and authentic style shines through in every bottle of wine he produces.

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic and transparent winemaking with Trim Cabernet Sauvignon. With its delightful character and versatile nature, this wine is sure to elevate any moment and leave a lasting impression.

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