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Introducing Zaya Cocobana – a delightful fusion of tropical flavors that will transport you to a beachside paradise. Crafted with passion and expertise, this rum liqueur offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience that will tantalize your taste buds and evoke the spirit of the Caribbean.

Zaya Cocobana captures the essence of the Caribbean, where the sun shines brightly and the coconut trees sway in the breeze. This rum liqueur is infused with the vibrant flavors of the tropics, transporting you to sandy beaches and turquoise waters with each sip. Embrace the laid-back and carefree vibes of the Caribbean with Zaya Cocobana.

Aging & Blending
Zaya Cocobana is made with a carefully selected blend of aged rums, which have been matured in oak barrels to enhance their depth and complexity. The rum is then expertly blended with natural coconut flavors, creating a harmonious and well-balanced concoction. The aging and blending processes contribute to the exceptional quality and smoothness of Zaya Cocobana.

Tasting Notes
Indulge in the tropical aromas of Zaya Cocobana and let your taste buds embark on a flavor-filled journey. Experience the luscious notes of sweet coconut, complemented by the rich undertones of caramel and vanilla. Each sip is a burst of tropical delight, with a silky-smooth texture and a refreshing finish. Let Zaya Cocobana transport you to a world of paradise and awaken your senses.

Food Pairs
Zaya Cocobana is the perfect companion for a variety of culinary delights. Its tropical flavors pair exceptionally well with desserts such as coconut cream pie, pineapple upside-down cake, or banana foster. It also complements savory dishes with a tropical twist, like coconut shrimp or Caribbean-style grilled chicken. Enhance your dining experience by exploring the delectable food pairings that Zaya Cocobana offers.

Unleash your creativity and enjoy the versatility of Zaya Cocobana by using it to craft delicious and refreshing cocktails. Its exotic flavors make it an excellent choice for tropical-inspired drinks like Piña Coladas, Coconut Mojitos, or Rum Punch. Get creative and experiment with Zaya Cocobana in your favorite cocktail recipe, and experience the joy of sipping on a taste of the Caribbean.

Awards & Accolades
Zaya Cocobana has received recognition and accolades for its exceptional taste and quality. Its delightful flavors and unique character have garnered the admiration of rum enthusiasts and mixologists alike. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the tropical delights of Zaya Cocobana and enjoy the satisfaction of indulging in an award-winning rum liqueur.

Balance, Intensity of Flavors, Clarity, Complexity, Typicity, Finish Length
Cocobana achieves a perfect balance of flavors, blending the sweetness of coconut with the rich undertones of caramel and vanilla. Its intense and vibrant flavors are complemented by a clarity that allows each note to shine through. The rum liqueur offers complexity, showcasing the unique character and tropical typicity of the Caribbean. With a smooth and refreshing finish, Cocobana leaves you with a lingering taste of paradise, encouraging you to take another sip.

Escape to a tropical paradise with Cocobana. Let this rum liqueur transport you to the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean, where the flavors of coconut and rum intertwine in perfect harmony. Raise your glass to the vibrant and irresistible experience that Cocobana offers. Cheers to the taste of paradise!

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